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ISA10 WINNER Best Cinematography
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Mysterious and visually captivating, “In Absentia” is an anthology series of contemporary, dark folk tales that focus on the absence of life’s normal order.

​​All things fade. Nothing lasts…Your perception of the world around you is not what you think.  In Absentia is an anthology series of seemingly unconnected stories consisting of drama, science fiction, horror and psychological thriller.  Set in the not too distant future, the show will expose you to a myriad of tales that focus on characters confronted with the absence of both the material and the intangible.  These narratives will bring you face to face with a couple’s romantic escapade turned dark, a connection between strangers that goes past the physical into the cerebral, and a lone woman’s experience of a catastrophic, world-changing event.  In Absentia challenges our expectations of life and the mysteries it holds by turning the ordinary world on its head.

IN ABSENTIA received a nomination for Best Writing for a Web Series at the 25th RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, in London.  It also won a Remi Award at WorldFest Houston International Film Festival earlier in 2017.

Woman Falling into the void
Inverted Woman Falling into the void


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