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Jessica Silvetti (NYU, Tisch SOA) & E.B. Kogan (Univ. of Michigan, RADA) are a married, award-winning writing and directing team, who have been collaborating for almost a decade. Silvetti’s distinctive voice is a result of her unconventional upbringing. Originally from Mexico City, of Spanish descent and raised in the US, she's been shaped by different cultures and views life through a multicultural and bilingual lens. As a Los Angeleno native, Kogan’s artistic expression is born from strong ties to his Lithuanian-Jewish roots and a fascination with his own cultural mysticism. Together they bring a unique depth to their stories and characters, which often contain an element of heightened realism.

    They share a strong background in the performing arts, having both received BFA’s in Theatre as well as spending a significant length of time in the Los Angeles based company, The Actors' Gang, headed by Artistic Director, Tim Robbins. To date they have written, directed and produced numerous film projects including the shorts: Happy for Nothing, Poor Man’s Mermaid, The Abandoned Zoo, as well as their feature film Problem of Evil. Their short film anthology series, IN ABSENTIA, made the international festival rounds racking up several accolades including a Best Writing nomination at the 25th RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in London. The series also received three nominations from the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF WEB TELEVISION AWARDS including: Best Drama Series, Best Directing and Best Writing.

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